Storm Damage Tips

Damage to your home can be overwhelming. Don’t panic. Creative Construction is at your service. Here are a few tips that can help make the process of restoration less stressful:

1. When your home is hit by hail, high winds and/or severe storms, the first thing you should do is contact Creative Construction if you suspect there is damage to your home. As insurance and storm specialists, Creative Construction will help you determine if there is enough damage to your home which would warrant filing a claim with your insurance provider. We will assist you with filing a claim, providing details that may be required.

2. Subsequently, you should have your home protected from further damage by covering broken windows and damaged rooftops. Creative Construction will facilitate protecting the damaged portions of your residence that are exposed to the elements and susceptible to further damage.

3. If you need to make temporary repairs to your home, and you do the work yourself, be sure to keep the receipts of any materials that you purchase to make these repairs. Creative Construction will work with your insurance provider to help you get reimbursed.

4. If any personal property has been damaged, hold on to the broken items so the insurance company can determine replacement cost and for verification. Make a list of each item, including its age, current value, model, make, and item number.

5. Creative Construction will work in conjunction with your insurance adjuster to assess the damage and to determine the scope of the work needed for repair. We will agree with your insurance provider the cost of the work up front. Meaning no arguing price. We work directly off the insurance companies pricing and will agree with the numbers they provide.

6. Should we run into additional expenditures during your restoration project, we work honestly with your insurance provider from beginning to end via supplemental invoicing to insure that you are receiving the maximum coverage that you should be.

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