Thank you for choosing Creative Construction Group for your project! We take pride in keeping your job site safe, and take every precaution to protect your home, belongings, and landscaping from potential damage. To assist us, we ask that you take a few simple steps prior to the work being done on your home;

- Move anything that is not built-in away from the house.
- Clear deck(s) of any furniture, grills, and other items.
- Remove any hanging plants inside your home.
- Remove any valuables or pictures from your walls.
- Remove any breakable items from shelves or China cabinets.

Roofing Project Specific:

- Cover or move any valuables in your attic. Sometimes, small pieces of shingle, wood, or nails fall through small gaps in the wood on your roof.
- Please remove any vehicles from the garage and away from the work area on the material delivery date and on the job date.

Siding Project Specific:

- Due to vibrations from nailing, sometimes your circuit breaker can be tripped. Don’t be alarmed if you lose power, check your circuit breaker.
- Again, it is very important to remove any breakable items from walls, shelves or China cabinets.
By following these simple steps, you can assist us in protecting your home, belongings, and landscaping from potential damage.

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